AT6600 all-in-one intelligent dangerous goods detector, yes

A professional testing instrument based on ion mobility spectroscopy technology and ray detection technology. This detector integrates explosives detection, drug detection, chemical warfare agent detection, industrial toxic and hazardous gas monitoring and radioactive material detection, and can quickly detect and analyze trace amounts of explosives, drugs, poisonous gas and radioactive materials. AT6600 has fast detection speed, high sensitivity, simple operation, small size, light weight, easy to carry and easy to maintain. It can be applied to the inspection of dangerous goods in subways, airports, ports, border crossings and crowd gathering places, and the rapid on-site detection of suspicious substances. Identification.

Product advantages:

1) Wide detection area: explosives, drugs, chemical warfare agents, industrial toxic and harmful gases, radioactive materials and other dangerous goods;

2) Intelligent analysis: You can switch the detection mode and sample injection mode according to the different targets;

3) Accurate detection: it can accurately identify the types of dangerous goods and report the name of the dangerous goods;

4) Trace detection: In actual work, there is no need to align the dangerous items in the package, just use the test paper to wipe the package under test or align the suction probe with the surface of the package to detect whether it carries dangerous goods, and the operation is convenient;

5) Automatic calibration: can automatically adjust the system parameters according to various environmental changes;

6) Automatic cleaning: it can automatically and quickly clean after detecting the sample;

7) Automatic diagnosis: it can automatically diagnose system failures and prompt warnings in real time;

8) Automatic printing: with built-in printer, real-time printing test results and historical records;

9) Real-time update: Both the database and the software can be upgraded and backed up in various ways (such as USB, Ethernet, etc.) at any time;

10) Real-time storage: with real-time data storage, retrieval, export and other functions, long storage time and high storage capacity;

11) Real-time positioning: with GPS positioning function, which can locate the position of the instrument in real time;

12) Remote control: It can upload data to the back-end system for centralized management through a variety of wired and wireless methods, to achieve remote status monitoring, result viewing, fault diagnosis, instrument control and other functions;

13) Diverse communication: It has communication methods such as Ethernet, USB, RS232, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPRS and 4G.

14) Strong material library: contains nearly 100 kinds of common explosives, drugs and poisonous gases, and supports real-time update and expansion;

15) Hand-held operation: small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be used in a variety of occasions.

Product Data

Detectable drugs: cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, K powder, morphine, dolendine, ecstasy, papaverine, ephedrine, mecathione, ecstasy, fentanyl

Detectable explosives: TNT, Hexorgin, Tai'an, Nitroglycerin, Ammonium Nitrate, Black Gunpowder, Tetraline, Octokine, Picric Acid, Gina, C4, Semtin, TATP, HMTD

Detectable chemical warfare agents: Nerve agents: Tabun (GA), sarin (GB), Soman (GD), Viex (VX), cyclohexyl methylfluorophosphonate (GF); erosiveness Poisons: mustard gas (HD), Louis reagent (L); blood poisons: hydrocyanic acid (AC), hydrogen chloride (CK), etc.

Detectable industrial toxic gases: ethanol, acetone, isopropanol, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon disulfide, ethylene oxide, chlorine, nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, toluene, etc. Add sample

Types of detectable rays: X, γ rays (50 keV~1.25 MeV)

Detection limit: pg level (explosives and drugs), ppm level (toxic gas)

Analysis time: 1-10s

Working environment: -20℃~60℃ Relative humidity≤99%

Storage temperature: -25℃~70℃

Battery: Lithium battery pack 14.8V/6700mAh

Appearance size: 292mm(L)×171 mm(W)×136 mm(H)

Weight: 3.2kg

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